Binary Kings Trading Platform

Binary King’s trading platform is the most advanced hi-tech binary options trading platform in the industry today. A combination of luxury and technology, Binary King’s platform is a secure and user friendly interface that provides you with a fast, easy and enjoyable trading experience!

Once registered and logged in to your account, trading easily starts on the main platform trading page. Here you can choose between four different types of options to trade: High/Low, One Touch, Boundary and 60 Seconds.

The High/Low option is the classic binary option trading instrument, where you have to judge whether a price on an option will go high or low. The One Touch option allows you to profit from an option if it reaches its target price at any given moment, within its timeframe. The Boundary option is based on judging whether an option will reach a certain price range or not. Finally, the 60 Seconds instrument is basically the classic High/Low option with a 60 second timeframe.

Choosing an option will open a trading window, where you can buy the option in a most convenient way. When buying an option, the “in the money” and “out of the money” prices will automatically be displayed in the trading window. In addition, when pressing the “I” button on the top right corner of the window you will get the most updated financial news regarding this option. All of these features combined will help you make the right trading decision in no time.

Our trading platform is highly secure and all of your banking transactions are protected with the most developed methods in the market. In order to make binary option trading as easy as possible, we provide you with access to our customer services and our tutorial videos without having to leave the platform or searching for it elsewhere on the site.

Our list of available assets is also easily displayed in the trading platform. Pressing on the settings button will open a list of all our assets. Now, all you need to do is to choose from our long list of indices, currencies (Forex), stocks and commodities. Among others, at Binary King’s you will find stocks of leading firms like Apple, Google, and Coca-Cola alongside commodities such as oil, gold, and silver.

Open an account at Binary King’s and start trading with the most developed and trusted trading platform on the internet today!